Hemp CBD Oil is a plant-based herbal product that is steadily growing in popularity among people who are seeking for alternative and wholesome medication for their illnesses. And while more and more people have become knowledgeable about the immense benefits of Hemp CBD Oil, there remains a good number of misconceptions about this herbal substance.

There are various misconceptions about hemp CBD Oil.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about hemp CBD oil:

1. Hemp Cannabidiol Oil can get a person feeling “high” or “stoned.” There is no greater misconception than Hemp CBD Oil can alter a person’s consciousness. This misconception is farthest from the truth as hemp CBD Oil does not contain THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the substance in Marijuana or Cannabis that leaves the user feeling high, euphoric, or stoned. Since Cannabis and Hemp are closely related, some people think that CBD extracted from hemp will also yield the same consciousness-altering results.

Hemp CBD Oil is extracted from parts of the hemp plant that does not contain THC. These include the stalks, the stems, and the flowers. If and when there are traces of THC that can be found in these plant parts, the amount of THC will not go beyond .3%. Such an amount is negligible and would not produce mind-altering effects on the consumer.

2. Hemp CBD Oil cannot be used in children. Hemp CBD Oil is a plant-based substance that can even be consumed by children. CBD Oil is one of the main ingredients of a pharmaceutical drug meant to reduce, if not prevent, seizures on children suffering from two of the gravest pediatric epileptic syndromes: the Dravett Syndrome, and the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

As an epileptic medication, CBD Oil has proven that it can be a safe herbal medicine for any person, of any age. Another medical condition where CBD Oil can help is in Atopic Dermatitis. Atopic Dermatitis or eczema is common to children, even in infants.

Hemp CBD Oil has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties that could help heal eczema. It also has anti-bacterial properties that keep itching, swelling, and redness at bay. Because of the aforementioned healing properties, some companies have manufactured CBD Hemp Oil based topical medication to cure Atopic Dermatitis. Depending on the doctor’s assessment, the balm, salve, or ointment can be applied to the affected area several times a day.

3. CBD Can cause sedation or drowsiness. This is another misconception about Cannabidiol Oil. While CBD oil can be beneficial when it comes to relaxation, it does not in any way cause sedation. Although some take it as a sleep supplement, it does not cause drowsiness right away because it deals with the root cause of sleeplessness rather than induce sleeping without solving the main issue.

Hemp CBD Oil is a potent anxiolytic. By relaxing the mind and eliminating anxiety, it helps an overthinking person to doze off quickly. The same thing happens to those with clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or severe stress. Again, hemp CBD oil does not cause drowsiness at all.

4. Hemp CBD Oil is illegal. One of the most common myths about Hemp CBD oil is its legality. Since it is closely related to Cannabis and Marijuana, which are regulated substances in some states, CBD Oil’s legality remains blurry for some. What these people do not understand is that Cannabidiol Oil extracted from Hemp, and that has less than .3% of THC content is legal anywhere in the United States. The hemp CBD Oil should be obtained from hemp products produced by licensed Hemp growers in the United States.

Other types of CBD Oil, like those extracted from Cannabis, may have to be checked whether it contains THC. If it contains THC or the psychoactive component of Cannabis, the level should not go beyond .3% for it to be considered legal to consume.

5. Hemp CBD Oil is the same as Medical Marijuana. Hemp and Marijuana may come from the same plant family, but it does not mean that they are the same. Medical Marijuana, for one, contains THC – or the psychoactive component that can alter the consciousness of the patient. Hemp Cannabidiol Oil does not contain any amount of THC. Therefore it is safe and will not cause any psychoactive effect on the user.

6. Hemp CBD Oil is addictive. Hemp CBD Oil does not promote dependency at all. Consumers do not feel like they need to consume more hemp cannabidiol oil as they start to drink it regularly to relieve them of their medical condition.

Hemp Cannabidiol Oil has a long list of health benefits. Foremost of these health benefits include pain relief. No matter the type of pain, expect Hemp Cannabidiol Oil to work its wonders and relieve the inflammation that prompts the painful sensation. It can even be helpful for pain associated with terminal illnesses such as end-stage cancer and multiple sclerosis. It can also be useful for the musculoskeletal pain that is associated with end-stage degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

Hemp Cannabidiol Oil can likewise be beneficial when it comes to preventing heart disease. Its anti-inflammatory powers and its richness in antioxidants help promote better cardiovascular health. It helps prevent high blood pressure, artery blockages, and, ultimately, stroke.

Another wellness benefit of Cannabidiol Oil is better skin complexion. Apart from being an alternative cure for Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis, Hemp Cannabidiol Oil can be a great anti-acne medication. It can also help in moisturizing skin and prevent age spots such as wrinkles and blemishes. Moreover, CBD Oil can also smoothen the skin.

Hemp Cannabidiol Oil is a potent anxiolytic as well. A growing number of people swear by its anti-anxiety properties that help calm a nervous and overly worried mind. It also helps in another psychological illness such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and severe stress.