Fine Art New Mexico - Jack Leustig - Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

Fine Art New Mexico - Arroyo Seco, NM

About us

In 1996, my friend, the legendary Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland, suggested I try printing my photography on an IRIS printer at Nash Editions (the birthplace of fine art ink jet printing). I was looking for a new, smaller creative journey after years of writing, producing and directing in the film industry. I was also comfortable with the idea of images in the digital realm; over the previous several years the companies I built in the film industry had become prime innovators in 3-D modeling for film. I had spent years looking at my digital work on screens of all kinds, or seeing my photography reproduced in books, magazines, and as traditional prints. But when I started working with R. Mac Holbert at Nash Editions, I became completely enthralled with the artistry of printing an image. I have come to think that it must carry a similar reward to that felt by a gem cutter. If you do it right, if you strive for perfection, what you created will live with honor in families for generations.

Soon after I began working with Nash Editions, they teamed up with Epson in Epson’s effort to build a superior printer to the IRIS 3047 Graphics Printer. The IRIS technology was very old and mechanical by high tech standards, and extremely expensive to buy and maintain. Epson was dedicated to building an affordable printer with stable inks and I was sure that they would be able to do it within a few years. I had intended to move to Taos, New Mexico when I had finished with the film industry, so in 1998 I moved to open a print studio (as soon as Epson built their economical printer).

The challenge for Epson proved somewhat more daunting than we had all first hoped. When they finally did come out with a large format professional printer series using six pigmented inks, it was a tremendous breakthrough, but it also had particular limitations that were unacceptable. I was not going to offer the amazing artists of the Taos area anything less than the finest prints that could be printed. I spent the waiting years fruitfully by working with artists and photographers, immersing myself in color correction, and working out a business plan as I patiently kept tabs on Epson’s progress.

With the release of the Epson Stylus Pro 9600 in 2002, Jack Leustig Imaging opened its doors in the beautiful mountain village of Arroyo Seco, NM. In 2016 we rebranded the company that had outgrown my name to Fine Art New Mexico, LLC.