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Weaving Southwest - Arroyo Seco, NM

About us

When I was a little one, my mom would drop me off at Rachel Brown's,my grandmother, shop and, I would play in baskets of yarn, staring out the windows waiting for her to return. My grandma taught me to weave when I was two, on a little tapestry loom. By the time I was four, she gave me a treadle loom. I can still remember clear as day, following the numbers she drew out on a piece of paper and taped to the loom. "1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 4&1, repeat"... learning how to do my first twill. As I got older, I worked in the shop, fluffing mohair, making sample cards and putting stamps on postcards for show announcements. As soon as I was tall enough to weave on a walking loom (I think I was 13), I started weaving custom rugs for the shop. Throughout high school and during the summers of college, this is how I earned my spending money.


Weaving Southwest, Arroyo Seco, NM
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